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Spiritual Psychotherapy from a Distance!

It has been especially gratifying for me, as a practitioner, to witness a growing number of folks with whom I meet expressing a desire to engage in spiritual work during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By “spiritual work” I mean specifically, participation in talk therapy processes which incorporate techniques such as Guided Visualization, Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Shamanic Reiki/Energy Healing. I imagine that there are many who may be reading this, who have questions about the viability of a practitioner offering Energy Healing in particular, from a distance. If this sounds like you, please read on for more information!

Reiki (the English translation is Universal Life Force Energy) is the modality through which I studied energy healing (nearly 15 years ago), founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, and more holistically understood as the Usui System of Natural Healing. I have so much awe and reverence for this Japanese tradition, and over the years have been inspired to infuse core shamanism techniques into my energy healing work, as they have been shared/passed on to me by different shamanic practitioners.

I am able to offer this type of healing to others by intentionally connecting with my spirit guides and ancestors; cultivating my body in becoming a clear channel by working to keep my vibration as high as possible, making an authentic connection with the person requesting the healing, and capitalizing on a joyful desire to serve in this way! This type of energy knows no bounds, and can travel across time and space easily.

Very important to say is that Reiki energy is not my energy; it is channeled energy. With enough genuine connection and loving motivation anybody is capable of sending healing energy.

While a feeling of deep relaxation is almost universal in Reiki recipients, it should be understood that energy healing operates on the level of mind, body, emotion and spirit, and its effects vary in terms of timing and intensity, from person to person depending upon what is in need of balance. The types of individualized changes and effects a person might notice during a session include tingling, a gentle pressure around the head, throat or heart, and warm or cool sensations that are demonstrably unusual. A person might also experience deep emotions during a session, or gentle shifts occurring around different organs of the body as the chakra energy centers around them become activated to cleanse. On a more mystical note, people sometimes report seeing colors, bright lights, vivid nature scene images, specific animals or deceased loved ones.

Following a session there may be a period of integration (a few weeks) which includes the drawing up to the surface of any matter (body, mind, spirit) a person had previously been less aware of, but which needs to be released in order for change, growth and healing to occur. Additionally, people may start to notice themselves expanding upon their intuitive abilities, feeling less fearful, making decisions more easily, noticing emotional blockages disappear and having more openhearted relationships. 

Yes: all of this can be experienced from a distance!

Please consider this brief note regarding distanced based spiritual psychotherapy as an invitation to ask me about energy healing (or any other modality) anytime. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

***Energy Healing/Reiki Classes***

I am currently offering Level I and Level II Reiki Healing Certification classes! 

The classes are taught according to the Usui System of Natural Healing, and are organized according to the following schedule:

- Students meet one day a week for 3 hours, for 3 consecutive weeks ~

Generally speaking, regardless of the level (one or two), Reiki classes can be completed in 9 hours. The time may vary slightly depending on the number of students in a particular class. 

The Reiki Level I Healing Certification class curriculum includes:

3 Level One Attunements

Spiritual Healing Guided Meditation

History of Reiki

Reiki for Self-Care

Positions for mini and full-body sessions

The Reiki Level II Healing Certification class curriculum includes:

3 Level II Attunements

Spiritual Healing Guided Meditation

Strengthening healing work using 3 sacred shamanic symbols

Mental/Emotional healing for freedom from unwanted habits

Distance healing

Byosen Scanning

Reiki and Anatomy

Reiki II Healing Practice

Included in every class is a manual, and a personalized certificate, awarded upon completion. All classes are one on-one, or small group size (no more than six) resulting in personalized attention, with class geared to each person’s individual needs.

Reiki Healing Certification classes are held in a safe and nurturing space. They are a wonderful opportunity to develop a conscious relationship with healing energy, and to connect with other people interested in positively impacting the world through intentional healing practice. It is indeed a joy, and honor for me to facilitate these classes.

Important details regarding Reiki Class, Level I!

Spiritual Development: Reiki Level I Healing Class!

Class dates: TBD

Class time: 10AM-1PM
Class day: Sunday
Class fee: $150-175 (*Sliding scale, payment plans possible)

Class location: Northampton, MA
 Join Licensed Clinician and Certified Reiki Master Teacher Cheryl A. Alexander in a warm and nurturing atmosphere to:

Receive Level One Attunements

Receive Healing Meditation

Learn the History of Reiki

Learn Reiki for Self-Care

Learn Hand positions for mini and full-body sessions - and much more!

This class is useful for anyone interested in learning how to use their hands to consciously facilitate healing, and also for people working towards careers in counseling, nursing or massage therapy, as Reiki is rapidly gaining recognition and popularity as a gentle but powerful tool to aid in self-care, self healing and the healing of others. Included in the class are a manual, and a Reiki Level I certificate (IARP), awarded upon completion. All classes are one-on-one, or small group size (no more than six) resulting in personalized attention, with class geared to each person’s individual needs; because space is limited you are encouraged to call, and/or email ahead to reserve your space!


Deposit of $50 required for confirmed registration, balance due at start of class.

*Extensions regarding payment timelines must be worked out in writing ahead of time.


Reiki Share and Practice Group!! 

A Reiki Share and Practice group is now being offered for anyone interested in giving and receiving Reiki energy healing, and who has also attained Reiki Level 1 or higher. 

Reiki share and practice groups are a safe and gentle way for people to participate in the give and take of everyday life. During a "Reiki Share" everyone gets a chance to give and receive Reiki!

Whether you have recently been attuned to Reiki and are eager to practice your new skills on people; are a seasoned Reiki practitioner simply looking for spiritual community, and a safe place to give and receive healing energy from like-minded others or anywhere in between, you are welcome!

The Reiki shares will take place on the first Sunday of every month, in Northampton, MA with the exception of those days on which there is inclement weather. During the spring and summer months they will run from 5-6.30PM. Light refreshments will be provided. 

A $5.00 contribution per person is requested. 

Please contact by phone or email for more details regarding location.

We're looking forward to seeing you!