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I am currently available for intuitive spiritual reading sessions face-to-face, over the telephone or via Skype. Please note that intuitive spiritual readings are not clinical in nature.  They are completely separate from any of the clinical work that I do. I do not diagnose during these sessions, and they are not reimbursable through insurance. I charge a flat rate for this type of service. Read further to learn a little more about the history of my experience with this technique, and feel free to contact me for more information!

I have been (consciously) using my intuitive healing abilities for nearly 28 years, beginning - at age 16 - with my participation in medium and spiritual development circles, study of western astrology, and contemplation of various systems of divination. Additionally, I am a former independent contractor with "California Psychics." At age 31 I received my master’s degree in clinical social work, and a few years after that became certified as a Reiki Master Practitioner, and later as a Reiki Teacher. I have lived and traveled in various places within Europe, Africa and the US, and enjoy finding opportunities to illuminate my spiritual journey across these worlds through the various forms of holistic healing work I engage in.

In my role as a spiritual intuitive I may utilize cards, a pendulum, western astrology and/or energy psychology to connect to Spirit/Guides (mine and/or yours) who assist me in my readings for the receivers’ highest and best. My intuitive abilities are further exercised and channeled through my use of the third eye/sixth chakra and solar plexus/third chakra to receive messages from other realms.

After a reading with me you can expect to gain a clearer, multidimensional perspective of your circumstances and possible options based on the universal laws of cause and effect, as you, the subject of the reading, retain your free will to embrace or change your circumstances and ultimately exercise greater control over/co-create your own destiny. 

~Intuitive Spiritual Readings ~
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