Former Client Reflections and Feedback:

“Dear Cheryl, I wanted to tell you I have shared my positive experience with you, and given your name to my peers. Thanks for helping us with your insight!”

“Our brief time spent engaging in therapy proved to be transformative in my life, especially with embracing my sexuality and learning to grow in partnership with my partner. Furthermore, the multicultural framework and lens that you practiced from resonated with me then as a new clinician, and continues to resonate with me now as I've grown to be more clinically independent and develop my clinical voice.” 

“My son and I wanted to show up and do the work, and it was a gift we were able to work with Cheryl. We didn’t have the skills to build a bridge of communication on our own but she helped us to learn skills of tolerance, and improve our communication with each other. “

"Cheryl is wonderful. Her compassion and honesty are remarkable. She is very easy to speak with and professional.” 

“Hi! I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful therapist! You don’t judge, you don’t give the answers, yet you have an incredible way of understanding how to get thru to a person and get them on the right track. I feel alive again after several years of feeling dead inside. I’m truly grateful for your help. Thank you so much!” 

“Cheryl, I just want to thank you for helping me through the day. I was kind of blue before my session but somehow after hearing your comforting voice and what you shared with me, I just felt lifted. You are very unique from any counselor that I ever had. What a gift you truly have. Thanks again for making my day brighter.”  

“Having suffered from anxiety for years, I am grateful to have worked with Cheryl. During the months I saw Cheryl, I learned the skills and tools needed to gain control over my anxiety. She was able to help me identify behaviors I had learned from my surroundings that induced anxiety. Over the time I worked with Cheryl, I was able to learn that I could control my anxiety by gaining control of my thoughts. I continue to utilize the skills I learned every day. I would highly recommend Cheryl to my friends and family, and will keep her in mind for my future needs.”

"Thank you so much for the time we spent together. You were such a source of warmth to me, and exposing me to reiki was such a blessing. Your work is truly transformative. Be well in all you do!"

"I don’t want to go on a tangent but I really do
 want to thank you so much for all the gems you left me with - you came into my life at the perfect time and I am so grateful you took me on as a client when you did - my life wouldn’t be the same otherwise"