As well as operating as a holistic oriented mental health clinician, and Reiki Master Teacher with human beings, I have been specifically practicing Reiki healing with our friends in the animal kingdom (for over 10 years!).

From as far back as I can remember, I have cherished all animals, and enjoyed connecting deeply with those in my midst. From consciously choosing to become a vegetarian at the age of eight, to campaigning against animal vivisection and other types of animal cruelty during my teenage years, I have been intrinsically aware of the importance of holding our friends and teachers in the animal kingdom ~ who offer us so much ~ with honor, reverence and respect.

Reiki, a Japanese healing art; and word, which translates in English to "Universal Life Force Energy", is a spiritual practice; it is a gentle but powerful form of intentional energetic healing which works on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels, and can offer substantial relief to animals suffering from a wide range of issues - - anywhere from emotional issues such as separation anxiety; depression; fear and aggression, to physical ailments like arthritis/joint pain, tumors and kidney problems.

If you have a beloved companion who is unwell, or who is not responding to mainstream veterinary treatment, I invite you to allow your pet to experience a revitalizing, relieving Reiki energy healing session with me. As animals are generally integrated beings, they tend to really enjoy, and benefit from this type of treatment (and it is a real treat for me to engage in this work with them!).

As a mobile Reiki practitioner, I will come to you, at no charge beyond the price of the session, as long as you are within a 30 mile radius. If you are more than 30 miles away, I may charge extra for travel expenses. Sessions usually last from 20 minutes to half an hour.

Contact me today to learn more details and to schedule a treatment!

~Pet Reiki~
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