~Energy Psychology Sessions and Training~

Worried about the future?
Holding onto the past?
Disillusioned by difficult relationships?
Confused about your life purpose?

Come join me for an intensive guided energy healing session.

Allow yourself to experience deep relaxation, and let go of pain, fear and (self) judgment.
All work is focused on body, mind and spirit levels, and geared to co-facilitate your body's own natural healing processes:

On a physical level energy healing promotes sleep, reduces pain, and revitalizes and regulates the endocrine and immune systems, aiding in metabolism, stamina, moods, aging and the body's innate and unlimited ability to heal itself.

On a mental level it releases tension, worry and anxiety, promotes clarity of mind and helps facilitate decision making ability.

On an emotional level it addresses trauma-induced, energetic blockages and imbalances within the heart; helping you restore your ability to give and to receive love.

On a spiritual level, energy healing can help you identify your unique role in the world - and recognize your connection to everything else.

*Sessions take place in a peaceful office space. Recipients are fully clothed, and free to receive gentle chair and/or table hands on healing treatments

*Energy Psychology is an effective holistic counseling treatment for post-traumatic stress induced anxiety, depression and phobias.

Due to the fact that not all people with PTSD feel comfortable allowing hands-on techniques to be used on them - especially those who may have experienced physical trauma - energy healing is especially appropriate, as it allows recipients to stay completely clothed, and can actually be performed without any physical contact for those who prefer; in short, energy healing can provide the relaxation and healing benefits of traditional massage and bodywork without adding to the stress of the recipient.

Distance Healing

While distance/absent healing is generally understood to be one of the more mystical aspects of energy work, these sessions are actually fairly similar to the kinds of sessions I would conduct if I were sitting face to face with the recipient - the main difference is that the recipient is not there!

If you are interested in distance healing for a loved one I will ask that you tell me the full name of the person you are requesting healing services for, and (ideally) that you forward a photograph of the person to me. Additionally, I will want to verify that you have the recipient's permission to facilitate a healing of this sort; the person you are requesting healing services for must be aware that you are making the request, and they must also be agreeable to it! In situations where getting the recipient's permission is not possible, there are other things that can be done which may suffice, which we can discuss ahead of time. If you are requesting distance healing for yourself, the process is somewhat simpler.

In a nutshell, the way in which distance healing works in a session is as follows: I first call in the universal healing energy as I would in an "ordinary session", then I begin to tune in to the energy of the recipient. The recipient usually feels/is aware of the connection (no matter how far away they are). The healing energy is ultimately transmitted through the Universe to the person by using powerful and intuitive visualization techniques.

What People Have Said About My Work :)

 "After my first reiki treatment from Cheryl, I released so much tension that I went home and slept from 5pm until the next morning as though I hadn't slept in days. That was so unusual (and wonderful) for me as I am not a napper and never have been. And each session after that gave me what I needed at that particular moment... always very positive, profoundly relaxing and deeply energizing at the same time." - B.M

"i have received Reiki from Cheryl, have taken a Reiki Level I class with her and have witnessed her offering Reiki healing to a cat, who was near death, and came back within two days to the vibrant magical feline he was. What Cheryl brings as a healer and a teacher is difficult to describe, though what is first and foremost is her passion for this modality of healing. When giving Reiki, she is able to channel the most amazing healing energy that is focused on whatever the current vulnerable areas are. When receiving Reiki I have felt rushes of heat, tingling energy, and deep emotion. Each time after receiving Reiki I have slept in the deepest, calmest states i can remember. As a Reiki Master teacher Cheryl engages her students with learning that is loving, compassionate, spiritual, informational and experiential. Finally, what i saw in Cheryl's healing of a cat is nearly unbelievable, and shows that the mysterious spirit and healing of Reiki energy truly exists. What happened was that this cat had become quickly sick, very sick. He had a history of urinary tract blockages, and this time he looked like death was upon him. Cheryl gave him intensive, focused treatments of Reiki for nearly 2 days, and by the end of the 2nd day, this cat was back to life! He had returned to his playful and engaging spirited self. It was truly remarkable. Cheryl is a gifted and special Reiki practitioner and teacher. If you choose a Reiki session or class with Cheryl, you will have an experience that may transcend words, but that will leave you thinking and feeling deeply."- H.R

"The Reiki course that I took with Cheryl was one of the most invigorating experiences I have encountered. Cheryl's ability to teach elements of focus and attentiveness has been very helpful for me during my desire to cope with the sometimes difficult things called life. The Reiki lessons taught me a lot about myself and how I can helpful to others. I am appreciative of Cheryl opening up a completely different world to me." - S.J

"I am so happy to have taken your class! You were such a great inspirational teacher and healer :) " - C.D

"I had no preconceived ideas about Reiki prior to the class, but the result far exceeded what I anticipated. I learned an entirely new method to attain discipline and intuitiveness. Cheryl was extremely helpful, thorough and very patient. The instructional level was superb." - N.W

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